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You could try renting a storage unit. You will likely need to be over the age of 18 and have a debit or credit card.

There are always other options that will depend on time, money, and complexity.

You could buy a waterproof and pressure proof container. Find a remote area you can access, dig a ditch and bury it. Straight out of being a pirate.

The next option is locating space. Maybe a locker at a gym, company, or school. I do not know your age so my recommendations are going to be all over the map.

I am going to assume apartment/flat is a structure that you rent and thus can not make any kind of modifications to. Not knowing the layout of the domicile makes it hard to make any physical structure recommendations.

  • You could remove a ventilation grate and hide a safe or the materials directly in the tunnels.
  • Check out the furnace and see if there is enough space to safely store items in a cavity there.
  • You might have a boiler or other large mechanical systems where you could find a few hiding places.
  • If you have a drop ceiling there are numerous place there to store lightweight equipment.

It may be worth finding a trusted person who does not have the scrutiny that your home has. Pay that individual to store items for you.

Do you have access to a keys and a vehicle. There are places you could hide small items in the boot.