Should I do DNA with amazon?

Submitted by Shadow_walker in Illegalism

I want either a expensive gaming pc part or a whole gaming pc from Amazon the part would be around 500 a i9 9900k and the pc would be around 900 what would be easier to say it didn't arrive or the box was empty? I would go for a rtx 2080 if this works



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DeleeGirl wrote

Dna is not what is used to be...


celebratedrecluse wrote

Be careful not to go over the felony amount. Additionally, make sure your drop spot is clean of any surveillance, either from other houses/apartments/yards or from the street. If there's any chance that someone can see you take it inside, and the police can get ahold of that info, you could be fucked for serious larceny/whatever charges.


HelpMeSteal wrote

Amazon's been cracking down on DNA, it's probably better to steal small stuff locally and sell it to get $


Maybemaybemaybe wrote

It's worked for me since I live in a high crime area of a city where stuff legit gets stolen a lot


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

Be sure to check all the print on the purchase page. Some items clearly identify that a signature will be required.