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I'm really wondering whether or not it is a good thing the busy holiday season is approaching. Crowds = chaos, disorganization, blindspots, and overwhelmed workers. The only notable effort they make is overstaffing. But their managers are usually focused on keeping the traffic moving and stores from falling apart. Are all the LP called to the more urban areas? Are cameras even watched at this point?



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yogobro298 wrote

I mean pretty much just dress up in some sort of outfit like you belong there and I'm pretty sure you could get away with anything...


vdftgh wrote

More LP in place, but WAY more people than the normal ratio between LP/customer.


LiftyLoo_FU1349 wrote

Black Friday is an all-hands-on-deck situation. Me personally, I'd prefer Chaos. Chaos =s distraction. I wonder too about the day after BF? Everything is still in disarray and people are still out in droves shopping...


bioisme wrote

black friday is my favorite day to lift i dress like a basic bitch and i'm not sussed and able to run into fitting rooms and they don't count because its busy hehe


Jacie wrote

I'm curious about your outfit now! I always aim for basic/mom type but like to hear what other people do


bioisme wrote

i'm a pretty basic (conventionally attractive, not trying to toot my own horn just going with what i got here to let y'all know) looking white girl when i don't really try, so i just play up on that. i've noticed that the more on par i dress for my age (early 20's) with the leggings, VS Pink sweater, or ripped jeans/big sweater (a must as i slip things up my sleeve) and nikes or vans (or uggs, when things get too cold, all basic girls have these) it'll basically keep me blended into the crowd, especially with the bustle of black friday.

that being said, i don't dress as professionally as most guides say to do, but i just dress like your average 20 year old girl who has basic makeup skills and hide my bangs by pulling them up into a bun. the less rememberable you are, the better you're off. since a lot more girls are getting into makeup, this allows me to blend in in sep hora, ul ta, and most fast fashion stores just fine. stay basic, stay unremarkable.


ladiablita wrote

I really want to go lifting but I'm in Orlando. Not super urban, but probably too urban to get away with anything.


Spilt_Milk OP wrote

I was in Philadelphia, very urban, and these women had armfuls of clothes and they bolted out the doors of Forev 21, chortling with smiles, as the alarms screeched behind them. Nobody even blinked, except me of course. My mouth was hanging open. So wreckless!


winona4ever wrote

Why risk getting caught on a busy day when the day after everything is scattered and not accounted for


bioisme wrote

those leftover items in fitting rooms tho........