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This method was tailored for mass quantity, a short period of time, but the risk factor is high. We knew we would be on camera but were OK with the risk

Our take on this run was 63 boots, 128 base layers of pants and tops( I think, I was a sloppy on the count) and 54 pairs of Darn Tough socks - these socks have a lifetime warranty.

We are a team of eight people, used two cars, and two large SUVs.

This is the method we followed:

  1. We found two cities who had a high density of REI, Dicks, and Academy stores. We limited ourselves to 4 locations in each city where the three stores are within a half mile radius.
  2. Two of us went to another city to buy large items: blankets, small coolers, knee length boots... etc. We used that opportunity to request additional bags. Those items were then returned a couple days later. The only objective was to have the bags.
  3. We visited the stores so we had a rudimentary understanding of the layout and what the 'vibe' was like.

On the day of the lift.

  1. We traveled four per SUV and removed the 3rd row seats. We stopped in another town and took plates that matched our vehicle make, model, and color.
  2. Each store was a little different. Shoes came from Dicks and Academy because they are on the floor. REI has to bring the shoes to you. The lions share of baselayers came from REI and Dicks. Socks were exclusively REI.
  3. For shoes: one person went into each store and grabbed shoes. They would detag and pile the boxes up on the bench and on the floor as they tried them one. Once they had six boxes piled up the remaining three people went in, put two boxes per bag, and immediately walked straight out the door. The shoe person flushed the tags in the restroom.
  4. For baselayers: One person took the garments into the fitting room, detagged them, put all the tags into a soiled food bag, and then went to the restroom to trash the bag. As soon as they exited the fitting room a second person immediately went in, bagged the items and immediately left. We did this as two person teams.
  5. Socks were just random grabs with concealment on the floor. None of the socks had tags.

That is our master Ocean 11's plan. It was simple and highly effective.

u/ifthreewerenine and u/Jellybean1 If you have any questions just reply.



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6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote

The only pain in this plan was the shoes. The tags were not consistent within the store. Some used a standard magnet and others required a hook. It was only a pain for us because we wanted in/out ASAP.

If I were doing this for only myself and family... I would do this with two people. One person visit the store and remove the tags one day ahead of time and put the shoes back exactly where they belong. The second day I would buy the cheapest pair of shoes and swap them out on the floor. Some of the stores had massive blind spots within the shoe area. Be quick to change them, put them back on the shelf, and head out.

If you want baselayers, dress in a baggy shirt and jacket. Remove the tags and wear two layers out the store. Remove the layers in the car and move on to another location.

There is no planning needed for socks. There are ample blind spots where you can easily tuck 3-4 pairs of socks in a coat pocket.

Hindsight being 20/20... the only area where we were sloppy was not checking the stores for magnet towers. They are becoming more commonplace and it was just not on our radar at the time.



Holy shit u gotta crew


6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote

Sort of... We are really a crew of gardeners, home fixers, and meal prep people. Life has led all of us towards a path of minimalism and giving our spare time and money to those who need help... I think this is the church side of me that loves 'being missional' but hates everything else about religion.

The lifting was a wild limited idea of mine. A few of us lift occasionally but we try to never make it a habit or something we recklessly do. If I had not gone camping and experienced freezing weather I doubt this idea would have ever crossed our minds.


DerpRun wrote

You forgot to drop the mic there at the end. So nicely done and efficient... I finally closed my gaping mouth now lol! Hat's off to you guys!! Thanks for the full length share too and congrats!


6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote


What is a bummer is after we finished we were all chatting about visiting two or three more trifectas. We even thought about doing another run on Sunday but decided that had all the elements of ending poorly. Looking back it felt so easy.


YourRebelSugarBaby wrote


HIGHLY interested in the method for getting plates πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote

We just drive around until we find a car that matches color and make. Remove the tag from the other vehicle and attach it with magnets. If we given the opportunity and we find two cars we will do a double swap: put first tag on second car, put second car's tag on our vehicle.

All of our cars are either black or white. Outside of silver these two colors are the most sold and for SUVs black is almost always the default color.


YourRebelSugarBaby wrote

Wont the owner of the other car notice their plates changed? Not that it'll be traced to you but still.

I also heard Amazon was a good resource. Might order some customs in the middle of the winter, come in full baklava and pickup my customs from an Amazon locker. Or maybe Aliexpress.


6c_6f_76_65 OP wrote

Not sure about you but I almost never look at my plate. I don't even know what my tag numbers are.

The plates that are taken without a replacement are usually noticed pretty quick. We only swap plates a few hours before we use them and then they are quickly discarded.


YourRebelSugarBaby wrote

Ahhhh I see. That does make a lot of sense.

Might get a car popular in the area and get customs of other people's plates πŸ˜‚ I'm too chicken to just swap a plate in public. Kudos