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Believe it or not, T@rget used to be my go-to for PS4 games. I’m talking maybe 2 dozen over a period of 2 years, taking 2-3 at a time in hit and run lifts (in/out in under 10 minutes).

After hearing from so many OG lifters about how brutal T@rget is, I stopped, wondering if I had just been lucky, or maybe they had a phonebook sized case open?

Anyways, Breast buy is my new go-to and it’s relatively easy. I use the Alpha key and can usually take 2 games per visit. My problem is, there are only 2 locations and I’m wearing out my welcome. I can only leave so many empty alpha cases before someone says “dafuq?”

Ànyone have any other options? Wally doesn’t use Alpha cases and has them locked tight behind glass. Gaymestop has them all behind the register right? Does Searz sell games? I can’t think of other stores to get PS4 games?

I’m going to recon gaymestop, I’ll let y’all know.



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Fearthewalkingfailtwo wrote

Just ditch the empty alpha near the checkout kiosk, employees will think it was a standard checkout.


anthrax101 wrote

I say open the alpha, take the real game out and put in another cheap "greatest hits" game that costs like 10 bucks or even a computer game and set it back near where the software goes if it's a PC item. If it's a video game item just put it back in that general area and find your blind spot and go to town. LP only looks for the alpha box...not what's inside of it. If they see you place it back in the general area they won't think anything else about it when you've already boosted the actual game.


JesusNachosForever wrote

He's right. Sooner or later they'll find the empty case, check cameras, then check parking lot cameras.

But if you put a crap game in there, it might be weeks before anyone who gives a shit checks.

But remember, lots of locations at your chain employ off-duty cops. So yea, it's a gamble.


Subversive_Element OP wrote

Your saying to keep hitting breast bye? There are only 2 locations so I’m trying not to make it noticeable, I usually go for deluxe/special editions of games which run 99 dollars so I’m taking almost 200 a visit. I’d love to get Wally...


anthrax101 wrote

Boost the disc inside of the game case and put everything back like normal and place it back...the vast majority won't even know the difference until it gets opened at the front counter which is a long time after yo'u're already gone. You can also go to the cheap 20 dollar section and open the S3 case and just swap games out and then go to your spot and hide them on your person somewhere but have extra games in your hand to put back! Once they see you put the other games back they won't think anything differently and you'll be able to make an escape.

I've done this with hard drive boxes before...make a swap and then hide the new drive on your body somewhere. Then you can go to the bathroom, open the box, and pull out any RFID or stickers that you see inside the packaging if there are any and remove them so you have another box that you can use to make another swap. I've made off with a number of the same drives just by doing a box swap and it's pretty easy to pull off. Putting an S3-caged item back that looks exactly like the original on camera looks far less suspicious than just taking the bundle and never returning with it.