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cakeater7 wrote

I start with selecting a clothing for decoy, something big like a jacket. Then the next 2 items are the one I'm lifting. Those ones I will pretend to drop on the floor, and as I bend down to pick it up I will quickly remove the hangar and kicked it under a rack as I'm walking away. After I concealed in the fitting room I walked out with the jacket folded over my arm. Any watchful eyes will have to concede that the rest of the clothing u selected are under the jacket. I then walked over to the rack that is the closest to the exit. I fake browse whatever is there and then I just gently place the jacket over on that rack and leave. Works. Every. Time.

The reason this is foolproof is because once u place that jacket on the rack, any LP would need to come over to make sure the rest of the clothing are not underneath the jacket. By the time they confirmed that nothing is underneath the jacket you already snaking through the parking lot trying to remember where u parked ur car. That's game over for them.


j0hn_d0e wrote

Great tips, but don't park in the parking lot. In the unlikely chance LP catches on, you don't want them following you to your car.


Luckyme_6775 wrote

Wow this post is the exact same issue I’m haBing. This is what I do too as I am not slick enough to do this in blind spots. What I do though is I grab a few shirts that aren’t on hangers and I use those for the extra hangers I have after I’m done and I usually leave the clothes in the dressing room. I’m starting to get worried about this just because it’s the holiday season and I know there’s more secret shoppers and there’s more lifters until after Xmas. So I’m looking for suggestions as well. I’d like to be able to get more than two things sometimes but it’s hard did I’m trying to leave nothing behind.


tasmaniansyrup wrote

I would take some of the clothes out of the fitting room with you like you're thinking about buying them or whatever, leave a few in the fitting room. Hard for them to compare the # of items you originally brought into the room with you to both number of items left behind and number of items you carry out of the fitting room. Versus if you leave the fitting room empty-handed they can more easily count the number of remaining items, & if you carry a big armful of items out but don't buy anything it might seem kind of weird.

Clothes get separated from their hangers in the course of ordinary shopping -- honest shoppers don't necessarily put the items they want to buy back on the hanger before taking it to checkout. So idk if just finding a hanger here or there would be enough to prompt anyone to review cameras. Would be interested in retail workers' thoughts on this.


rexmanningday wrote

also put two dresses on one hanger if you can, hang one garmet on the inside of another, or break the hangers and stash them in your bag,.