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DerpRun wrote

I've only tried, successfully twice, at a certain store where I live that uses those stupid black deep fabric carts with a hook for your purse. Hate to admit they are very useful in this situation. If where youre trying to lift doesn't have these I'd find a place that does. Wear a heavy or larger coat (It's a good time for it unless your way west or or south) and take it off if possible right at the door before youre inside and hold it in your arms as though something (like a purse) is right underneath it. Grab a cart and put the coat and "purse" into the part of the cart where you would normally put your purse making sure the coat is placed in a way that would suggest it's simply covered. Go to purse area and browse naturally and pick up and put down a cpl purses before picking up the one you want and slowly moving or turning from view of camera and toss it in. Make a bee line to clothes sale/clearance area to look legit, and carefully but quickly toss in 3-4 things to cover purse and give you a reason to go to fitting room. Where I live, these are always unmanned so again there's a plus. Once there I quickly grab up items with purse halfway hidden tagged side pressed against body out of view to the point any onlooker would just assume it was my purse. Hell, sometimes I just push the whole damn cart in with me but try not to in order to avoid attn. I see many people bring theirs in this fitting room hall so it's not uncommon. From there I remove tag. DO NOT ever remove stuffing inside and leave in dressing room. Total guarantee videos from camera footage will be watched. Keep it your only lift if you can at that time and also try to purchase something if possible to appear legit still and then as you exit, walk out with purse on arm maybe at elbow level with coat draped over and get your groove on down the road and remember ....not to hit your head on the door from growing a few ft taller on the way out Girl Boss. Hope that helps, wish you the best of luck and remember to act natural. You got this


anthrax101 wrote

If you do pay for something while leaving, use cash only or a prepaid debit card with no name on it.


Jacie wrote

Who has those carts besides Cole's? They don't have any expensive purses, I want to know how to unhook in the purse department at macees or nordstorm