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I really want to take a bag from my local michael Kors or coach. Any other girls fantasize about this? If I had a good enough disguise, like a top level disguise, look like a completely different person, could I manage a walk out? I can run if need be. They're both located in an indoor mall.

And dont bother suggesting boosting to earn money. I want to lift them.



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oncebusted wrote

I have done it at Costco Road Show Tory Burch store Macys and Nordy fairly easily


BigThief wrote

Grab Coach purses at the outlet. As you get closer to the holiday season it will get easier and easier.

I would be careful with MK. These are almost always mall stores. If you ran track and have the endurance go for it. You can always do a grab and run... it is not my thing but may work for you.