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Lifter1 wrote

Reply to comment by Sventura in Stealing alcohol? by ludibrane

You guys all say don't steal from mom and pop shops but the moment anyone on here admits to owning a business or even aspires to do it one day you guys crucify them and call them evil capitalist scum. I will steal from whoever I want. Why don't you figure out your own code first before you push it on me.


[deleted] wrote


Lifter1 wrote

Ok but people on here try to say don't steal from mom and pop shops because they are poor. But then in the same sentence call them class traitors. I'm simply confused. Are they against or for mom and pop stores. It seems like it's always changing depending on the mood of certain members. Not you, people in general.


Almonds wrote

Maybe they’re against shops but not the mom and pop?! Theft hits the small shop owners really hard :(


oncebusted wrote

And why don't you go fuck yourself


Lifter1 wrote (edited )

Well you're just adorable. Your feelings get hurt or something? Haha