Submitted by francium in Illegalism

Long story short, there's this extremely nice jacket in the back of the store. I've taken things from here before by putting them in a goodwill bag because there's one right down the street, but this jacket is massive; how would one go about getting this?



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bioisme wrote

yah i would do the bag and sneak into a dressing room if you can get in without them noticing, but make sure you check for tags because most items are tagged (i've only found a bra untagged before)


LiftyLoo_FU1349 wrote

No offense to the young ladies that work there, but I doubt they'd even notice if you walked out wearing it, plain as day. At least the location I've popped into in a college town north of me, they barely acknowledged my existence in the store. They preferred to chat with one another than to work and assist customers.


Almonds wrote

I read about the spanx pantyhose trick to make things smaller, do you think it could work for this? I used it for a sweater once, it didn’t make it a whole lot smaller 🤔