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dezertdwellr wrote

I don't deposit all my cash. Some of it's in a safe but the money I've deposited has never been questioned. I use mobile banking with Chime so I have to deposit money by going to Walmart or Walgreens.


thekraken wrote

Generally the deposit trigger amount is $10k. But to answer your question -

Buy pre-paid visa/mastercards. No ID is needed, and so long as you aren't an idiot and going to the same places all the time and laying out huge amounts of cash, no one will notice or care. Just stop in to a convenience store, and grab a $200 prepaid card or two every so often.


BigThief wrote

I own a laundry facility that I wash all my money with. Under the laundry facility I have a full meth lab that I then funnel the proceeds through a chain of chicken restaurants I own.

Seriously, go get a business license, if US fill out the SS-4 form, go to a bank and open a business account. If you are only talking about 12k a year, just deposit that into any account but never more than $9,999.99. If you are going to be making monthly deposits I would spend 5-6 bucks and buy a USPS Money Order and deposit the money order.