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I've been lifting more frequently for about a year or so now. I've (thankfully, knock on wood) never been caught, a friend of mine got caught tag swapping at walmart and has to pay a $1000 fine for "shoplifting". I've been wanting to lift at ulta for a while now just not sure how I should go about it. More than likely going to be on my own for this as, said friend doesn't have interest in going to this store. I was wondering if anyone had any tips. I'm not sure if I should just use my purse or box/reusable bag with a false bottom. I feel like its important to note the store I have near me is a stand alone in a strip mall. And how do they handle returns with no receipt? Could I take smaller stuff and do returns for store credit to buy the things I want? Noob to the thread so please don't crucify me.



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Lifter1 wrote

You will be noticed at Ulta but they can't do a lot Conceal quickly and get out.