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So Im not an amateur by any means but I went to T@rget about an hour before they closed tonight and I intended on buying some items and lifting others. So I filled my basket with all the things i wanted. I lost track of time and the hour flew by. So they were about to close and I went to try on some shirts I already had in my basket along with everything else I was lifting. Filled my bag up of everything I wanted and put back the rest of the stuff I literally didnt even have time to buy bc they were closing like that minute. Anyway i think where i fucked up was when i took one of those target reusable bags on the floor and i only had 2 small shirts in it(concealed in the dressing room) So i made my way out the door and 2 associates kept saying ma'am ma'am, i just kept walking out the door and they didnt follow me outside but they said ma'am i think you forgot to pay for some items. i said no i didnt and kept walking to my car while they kept trying to call me back in. Im def worried they have my license plate and will call the cops even tho i concealed in the dressing room and left no packaging behind. Just super freaked out right now, can the cops come to my house? will i have a warrant? the total amount was a little over $250 and i def dont plan on going back to that location like ever. But is anything going to happen to me now ?



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