Australian Stores, Tactics, Tips And Security.

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I've been viewing this forum for quite some time now and everything posted is almost always amazing and helpful. There's only one issue i find though while browsing, which is the lack of discussion on shoplifting in Australia.

I have 7+ years of shoplifting, have great knowledge on Australian stores and have never been caught or questioned once.

Im open to answer any questions or inquiries to help out any of you fellow Aussies.




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BunningsSnag wrote

Oooh longtime lurker, I've been waiting for this! Thanks for this mate, I have so many questions!

  • Can you give a general summary of easy to hard stores? Like Big W/Kmart types, Myer/DJ, grocery stores, clothes outlet stores, anything really. Interesting in learning which stores are safe and which or not as there's not a lot out there.

  • What are your general tips, suggestions, recommendations for Australian stores?

  • The U.S. have misdemeanour/felony limits. What are our equivalent limits in each Australian state? Can't find much info about that.

  • What are the laws and/or store policies that you know of in regards to whether you can be stopped, detained, etc?

  • In grocery stores, are the security protected stickers on meats legit or just a scare tactic? If they are legit, what's the best way to remove them safely?

  • Are cameras actively recorded/watched or are they more of a scare tactic? Which stores do you know this for?

Will definitely have more questions but these are the first that came to mind off the top of my head.


VegemiteToast OP wrote

So i have a few mates who work in retail and in most retail stores the employees cannot accuse you of stealing even if they see you. From my experience,

GROCERY STORES (coles, Woolworths, iga, aldi): Tags are only on high priced electronics, baby formula and targeted items. These tags 90 perecnt of the time are sticker tags that can be pulled off easily. I have not been caught in a grocery store before but i will say cameras are everywhere but most of the time theres objects to use as blockers for cameras.

CHEAP SHOPS/ SHOPS THAT SELL CHEAP STUFF (Reject shop and other discount places) These usually have very little cameras and are usually in main walk ways, exits, registers or sometimes have non at all. A simply pocket and walk out method would work as these places hire lazy bums.

CLOTHES OUTLETS (City beach, Myer, David Jones,) City beach is very easy as i know almost all of there stores i have visited have no cameras on there stores sections. Also the way there stores are set out it makes it easy to take. Changing rooms are monitored and staff cannot accuse you of stealing. Ive just done simply detags and walkouts with the products in my hand.

Places like david jones and myers are more strict and most of the time staff will have ear phones to communicate to eachother. They are not afraid to accuse you and 99% of there products are tagged so be fast at detagging. Exits are usually never guarded so just walk out casually but be careful.

Your other stores such as Kmart and big w are just charity events and you get everything for free. There are cameras but to many spots to stash out of the view of one and nothing is really tagged except your higher priced products. There will usually be tagged with spider tags and higher priced clothes are tagged with your usual ink tags.

Recommendations and Shiz: •Starting off: if you are starting of and are new to this beauty of a lifestyle then i would recommend stores like kmart, big w and cheap shops. Just don't be nervous and be confident.

Warnings: •If you notice staff are following you (very rare) or offering you for help alot (e.g. "do you want me to take that to the counter") just ditch the products or wait till they leave because most of the time this is when they know whats up and cannot accuse you but they can call security to monitor you.

LP: •honestly ive never ran into one :/. Maybe its just my luck but its very rare for LP to be in average Aussie stores. Just be careful with designer shops and family business.

Being Safe: •Now im hoping you know the normaly safety things that come into play so ill just say some that are more related to my experiences. Tech stores such as JB-HI FI, The Good Guys and those other retailers of electronics are heavily filled with cameras and won't be afraid to track you down if they know you are stealing.

Tips: •Don't over talk or under talk to staff. •don't take longer than 5 minutes in changing stalls •have an excuse of intent when going into a store incase a staff member offers you for help.

When it comes to limits and consequences it is pretty similar as the others that are represented on this site. •If you are caught dont put contact on an employee •if caught throw tge stolen goods back at them so they have less reason to go for you •be careful when stealing with objects like magnets, keys or something that implies you are at the shop with intent to steal. •take note if you are stealing and you steal more than $150 in merchandise than you will receive higher charges. •Employees and security are usually lazy but i would always be safe.

My tactics and jazz: •places of monetization on changimg rooms i usually grab 2 things and pretend to try them on. I repeat this again once more so on the third time when comming back they usually let me in without question or suspicion. Ill pull the "doesnt fit" card most of the time and when i go in for my 3rd round ill store the desired item on me and walk out saying i give up. Be careful with this as some stores might always count your clothes when going in and coming out. (They have to, its a policy). •Places that have people who check receipts? Just walkout when someone else does. Look like your in a rush and most of the time they will be to busy checking the other persons receipt. •Do Not Steal In Front Of Old People Or Middle Aged Women. There amazing but to nice. Just dont. no.

I apologize this reply is all over the placed its hard cooking shrimp on a BBQ all day while spearing kangaroos down with my crocodile shaped spears.


VegemiteToast OP wrote

Any direct questions about a specific store or tactic i wouldn't mind going into more discussion. I apologize if my last reply looks rushed.


BunningsSnag wrote

Also, how frequently do Coles, Woolies, etc do stock-take? Do they do it for perishable items like produce?


BunningsSnag wrote

You mentioned that you've never been caught at a grocery store. What are your tactics then for Coles, Woolies, etc?


jkg_47 wrote

Going to give my own input here since I've been doing it almost everyday for 6 months now.

You want to aim for small, easy to conceal items. The whole ban on plastic bags is actually a godsent for shoplifting. Heres why.

Bring your own bag. Grab a cart. Get what you want and put it in the bag, but make sure it's somewhat small. Now grab a few cheap things, not too many. 1-3 items max. Now you want to try and make the bag you brought seem like nothing is in it. Simple is just wrap it shut so you can't see anything, if you have small items it wont be noticable unless the self checkout person is right next to you.

So next step is just casually head to the self checkout. Don't look like your in a rush and don't freak out and start shaking. That's what the self checkout people are looking for. If you're like me, a clean cut somewhat attractive guy in a good fit. They will BARELY ever think you are trying to steal.

Quickly and as smoothly as you can, place the few items you have onto the scales and buy them.

Next step is the somewhat tricky part. You want to keep an eye on where the self service checkout person is standing or if they are distracted. Always try to go at a time where the store is slightly busy, especially the self checkout as they barely ever put more than 1 person in that section. Now move the items to the bag you have in the cart sitting next to your self service machine, making sure that the items inside arent visible to anyone but you. Grab the bag out of the cart and smoothly and calmly move towards the exit and you're done.

Obviously you want to avoid all the high price steaks and stuff with tags but trust me, once you start lifting small amounts (like $20-25 at a time) trust me you start to notice massive improvements in your financials overtime. Especially if you're like me and struggle everyday to afford the cost of living without work.

My number one advise doing this is to NOT try and go to a corner self service machine as that makes you seem a little more suss by default and they will keep an eye on you. Be confident and pick one that isnt in a corner, does wonders.

Like I said I've been doing this method for 6 months. The craziest thing is I've been doing it at my local store almost everyday for months. You don't even need to learn the camera spots. Simply just open your back in the cart and put the item in smoothly. Alot of shoppers dont even use carts, they just straight put them into their bags and then take them out at the checkout so it's not even suspect at all.

If you want to make some decent money reasonable quick. I reckon going for the vitamins, especially the womens multivitamins. They sell like cake especially when you mark it down by 65-70% and offer deals to the buyers if you have multiple. Some of these cost up to $60 each. I've only encountered 1 tag on a bottle my whole time getting these but always be careful with higher priced items.


PlayJemima wrote

definitely would love to know about east to hard stores like bunnings snag please!


VegemiteToast OP wrote

Oo couldnt say i have lifted from these stores as the soul purpose of going go these stores is either a) get an iconic snag, or b) purchasing large items which are usually only sold at such hardware stores and would be almost impossible to do a simple walk out with.

I wouldn't say it would be difficult to lift from such stores as there are so many ways to conceal or tax items. Examples would be to take advantage of the enormous store. Use the bathrooms, stand behind large objects in aisles, change price tags theres so many blind spots in these stores its crazy.


BunningsSnag wrote

I think they meant a list of easy to hard stores like I was suggesting (my username has Bunnings in it) rather than about Bunnings itself haha.


jkg_47 wrote

I have alot here.

Do you know which stores have magnet detection if any at all?

With myer, are the black tags on clothes ink tags? Are they RF? Say if i was to quickly bag a bunch of items and walk out, would the EAS go off? I've heard many conflicting statements about the myer tagging system.

Officeworks. With stuff that isnt spider wrapped/protected by something needing an s3, is it common they dont tag the items at all? I was looking in the electronics section and I noticed the razer mouses had no outside tag at all. Couldn't check the inside of the box due to the bathroom there not being open as it was late. Do you have any history with certain items in store being source tagged? or should I of just walked out with it.

David jones and shoes. Looking at these y-3's and stuff but i dont see how i could get away with it. Any tips on david jones?