Submitted by scotch_amnesia in Illegalism

Orvis, Express, DXL/Casual Male XL, Lindt, REI, Gabe's, Stein Mart, Earth Fare, The Fresh Market, Sprouts.

If you only have info on one or a few, that works. And if you've got info on a store that isn't listed here but is still a chain, feel free to share!



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Banhammer40k wrote

Express frequently tag anything above $20. Very few cameras. Don't count fitting room items. They don't chase and are trained to customer service to to death and call mall security.


sneakypaws wrote

i've never seen Fresh Market tag their stuff, in my store there aren't a lot of cameras and it's easy as hell to conceal in the aisles, but i imagine that varies a little depending on the area. there aren't a lot of employees on the floor unless they're giving out samples or restocking.


oncebusted wrote

Sometimes Best Buy will have them stacked