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6c_6f_76_65 wrote (edited )

I would not visit that store or mall for several months. I don't have a direct answer but from what you described it sure sounds like they know you are lifting but do not have their five steps to apprehend you or the store policy is not to apprehend for concealment in a bathroom or fitting room.

The fact that they followed you to the subway makes me change staying away a few months. I feel they would have printed out your pictures and have them hanging in the office and have informed the employees to contact them immediately if you walk into the store. I would not doubt they have also shared these photos with the mall and may go as far as putting out a statewide BOLO.

How often do you think you have visited and lifted from the same store? I feel you have definitely made them angry for them to leave their post and follow you so far. This may be a chain where bonuses are tied to their shrink percentages.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

ohh no. That is way too often. Please be careful.

I try not to visit the same store within nintey days. Most places I use six months and I will change my appearance and clothing style. When I do a walkout I do not come back for a year.


oncebusted wrote

They definitely have a case against you


shiplofting wrote

I'd go so far as to say that place is burnt and you shouldnt go back unless you have incredible disguise skills. I'm talking new hair/wigs, piercings/lack of, glasses/lack of, different gait, the whole 9 yards. If you search disguise in this forum you should find some resources.