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BigThief wrote

That is an asshole move unless you can guarantee it is a storage unit for a business. If you are near a port of entry 100% don't do this. Most immigrants will put their life belongs into storage until they find a permanent living situation.

Can it work; yes. Will it be productive; more than likely not. You are robbing blind. You could spend a lot of time breaking in and looking for something of value and it turns up it is just someone storing documents and old shitty toys. BE is investigated more seriously than lifting.

You would do better to drive to another state, make a fake looking badge, tailgate someone into the business and pickup a few computers and leave.


Rogue wrote

Have years of experience in the storage industry: it's not worth it.

Aside from most units being occupied by private individuals, they're primarily filled with bequeathed outdated furniture, childrens' toys, paperwork, broken/non functioning items, and possibly some older and well worn power tools.

Most storage companies have some sign up promo, such as the first month for $1 which is an inviting solution for those who need a temporary space for their almost literal crap. Is every single unit the same? No. Finding the few that may be worth something out of the hundreds of units, isn't worth it, IMHO.

Google your state's laws on storage unit liens and how auctions are scheduled. From my neck of the woods, there was an auction once a month at each facility and were advertised in the newspaper (legal obligation). Take a trip to an auction and you'll see I'm not exaggerating.


shrug wrote

Does anyone have experience with stealing from working class people? Worth getting into or too much work?