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dieselriot wrote

Crack two fake eggs in a bowl, add fake flour and fake sugar, cook and stir for 10 fake minutes over medium fake heat with a fake wooden spoon, take it to the fake fridge for 30 fake minutes, serve fakely cold on fake plates


celebratedrecluse wrote (edited )

receipts are made of BPA-coated specialty paper, which can be bought online or at many office supply stores. You'll need to print on this paper in the same font and ink color as the receipt you are making a copy of. One might be interested in purchasing a small item from this store, so you can have an example to work directly from. Keep in mind that ink fades, so keep your example receipt out of the light and make the copy within a few days of obtaining the example/template, so that you don't make a faded-looking copy.

PS please edit the title with the correct English spelling of receipt, so people can search for your post more effectively. This is bound to be a common line of inquiry, so I want to make sure your thread can be useful to future visitors.


RedditSentMeHere wrote (edited )

You'd need a receipt printer (ebay, about £50), receipt paper, and basic editing skills. You'd need a good eye for fonts, but should get away with a similiar looking one.

Some store receipts have logos on the rear, so for realism try to lift a roll from near the tills (or purchase one from somewhere).


WhyHim wrote

FYI, This will not work at WM when they scan the receipt.