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I went to the mall on Sunday to get clothes for an interview, then on Monday my interview was at the mall itself. Both times I went to different stores. If I went again today, would mall guards become suspicious? Or is it fine as long as I avoid stores I've already hit? I wanted to return a pair of shoes I actually bought, and wanted to make the most of the trip.



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oncebusted wrote

People go to malls daily for all different reasons even for exercising. Your fine. Hope you got some good stuff


JesusNachosForever wrote

Mall guards... These are security without access to each store's cameras and really only activated by a store employee making a call.

The tricky part about malls is distance to an exit after a boost and the large expanse of parking lot before being off property, both only minor issues with some basic precautions.


Throwdown321 wrote

if you have a job interview at the store its best not to lift there before hand, Also because your job is potentially at the store, theres going to be more suspicion on you.


scotch_amnesia OP wrote

My interview was at a pretty high-security store. I wouldn't have tried them even if that wasn't where my interview was, and I'm certainly not dumb enough to steal from somewhere I want a job at.