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Loveless wrote

I have worn jackets and sweaters right out of the store. I also have a big purse i made a hole in the lining i can always manage to get one to four items extra in the dressing room and i put them under the lining also wear stuff Under. Depends on your build, the store and staff


shiplofting wrote

Store bags, I feel uncomfortable walking around with merch in my purse. I like reusable tote bags a lot. It wearing out is the best option to avoid getting busted if you can make it look natural.


veggie_goth wrote

lots of stores sell reusuable bags for a small cost (usually goes to a nonprofit). if they don't change them up regularly, you can get one, fold it up into your purse, go to a mall, and go to the bathroom. take the bag out, bam, you've "already bought something" and you blend in better now. it looks like you've purchased things and you now have somewhere to drop stuff besides just a purse.