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BabyfaceCriminal wrote

Depends on if you can absolutely certain you've got away clean. I lifted a leather ottoman from Pottery Barn and was so confident that no one day that I went back that same afternoon. No one had a clue. I've also had stores that I will never step foot in as long as I live. It really depends on how clean your getaway was. And only you know that. What's most important is that you don't develop a pattern that's detected by an outside observer.


oncebusted wrote

What was the $$ amount of the watches?


ChapChop wrote

Your store may not have LP. I would hit it again.


Shadow_walker OP wrote

Sold the first apple series 3 watch for $65 cause I didn't know how to take it out of demo mode at the time and I didn't want to rip anyone off I sold the second series 4 apple watch for $200 cause the guy who bought it came 100 miles away but I knew how to take it out of test mode but I gave $140 to my mom cause it's been a while since she got a nice gift so I only made for myself $125


Occular wrote

Don’t return to the scene of your crime is like lawbreakers 101. There’s a reason you’ve heard it before I should think. I personally wouldn’t go back so soon. I am no help to anybody for the period I’m in jail so I do my best to operate outside of a prison cell if I can at all help it.