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Hey guys, I'm sure I'm just flipping out but basically, I haven't lifted for a while, probably almost a year now, but I used to be a pretty serial lifter. Today I went to a HomeGoods that was connected to a TJ Maxx, and at first grabbed some skincare items, probably worth under $15. I then went over to HomeGoods (without the intention to steal) and didn't want to carry around a bunch of things, so I put the skincare items in the trashcan, and was just gonna bring it out later.

When I was finally at the register, the cashier literally did NOT care, and didn't even open the lid to check. I paid for the trashcan but then picked it up and left, but since I wasn't thinking about hijacking the items at the time, I don't know if I just concealed it in plain sight or anything. I live about 4 towns over from the location I hit.

Update: Yes, as soon as I saw that she didn't even reach to check I took my chance to get away with it.



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veggie_goth wrote

accidents happen. you're out now and you should be fine! if someone stopped you or spoke to you, that is when anything would be most likely to happen.