Submitted by ravens in Illegalism

During the holidays, I've seen stores like Bl00mingdal3s have extremely messy fitting rooms. What if I bring a couple things in, use my magnets on whatever I find inside the fitting room, and put the original things away? Considering people are just leaving stuff in there in the first place, it makes me feel like its easy to get away with taking what I want.



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oncebusted wrote

It means the SAS are lazy. I have scored numerous Burberry items doing this at Bloomingdales


Snowman300 wrote

As far as getting away with it, I think it's a great plan. But as far as getting stuff you like and correct sizes good luck lol


noname wrote

Why not. There will be no proof on camera pointing to you.


ravens OP wrote

At that point, is there a difference between me taking things I brought in vs things I find inside, since I’m probably leaving the things I brought inside the fitting room?