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happymama wrote

Ugh what a sicko! Poor girls, that must have been so traumatizing for them :(


ifthreewerenine wrote

I've seen porn that starts like this.

All joking aside, this is disgusting and I hope he rots, but he probably won't because sexual assault isn't fucking taken seriously in the US.


snakez wrote

I made the same joke and I get bombarded with down votes. 😂😂😂


eous wrote

Come again? Tf is wrong with this dude


What_The_Fuck wrote

Fucking dusgusting. They need to castrate him with fire and cut his shriveled green bean of a dick off


snakez wrote is all I gotta say 😂🤣😂🤣 dont search if u under 18 bro


black_fox moderator wrote (edited )

you seem to be making light of OP’s post. sexual harassment and assault aren’t a joke. here’s a 72 hour ban. next time it’s permanent.

to be clear i am not banning you for the link you posted, which seems to be staged pornography.


shrug wrote

So rape is funny to you?


noname wrote

It's clearly staged... but still very disturbing to post here.


snakez wrote (edited )

it was a joke.


SergeiBoryenko wrote

Which begs the question what would happen to pornography if a socialist government was put into power in America


[deleted] wrote


SergeiBoryenko wrote

Honestly, I believe all pornography that are fetish based (step family, BDSM, cock and ball torture) would be removed and all that would remain would be state-approved and funded vanilla pornography starring Russian actors only, a website would be put up called Cummunism .com or something. Or pornography would just be removed entirely, all pornographic and nude material would be shut down because all in all pornography is basically prostitution.