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Do you guys have any stores that you steal from specifically because you hate them or what they stand for? Ex: I lift from h0b-ee l0b-ee because of that whole hating gay people thing. Fuck them. Also, gi@nt/st0pnsh0p because they mistreat their workers. Fuck them too.

I’m looking for other stores that are specifically run by assholes or that have unfair work practices. Usually when I lift it’s for essentials and I don’t usually have the luxury of choosing when or where I go, but when I can, or it’s on the way, I try to target specific places.



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bystander wrote

target. i dont like how they are not friendly, vons too because they over price their food.


noname wrote

Never thought of targeting specific stores but for me, literally any corporate store, I don't feel any remorse. If you dig enough, nearly every company has got shitty ethics or support some foul legislation. They're all fair game. I do choose to actively avoid stores though, like any small business/mom and pop shop.


JesusNachosForever wrote

fuck man, that's a great argument to go to Frys, but that some expert level shit.