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Theif_Of_Sanity wrote

Caught after a grocery store walkout. It was right by my school and I had been grabbing small items for lunch and doing walkouts frequently. Unfortunately my hubris told me I was good and I walked out with my items in hand and sat right outside the store to eat. Manager came out and asked if I had paid, as someone said they didn't see me, asked if I had used the self-checkout, asked for receipt, I pretended to fumble in my bag for it, then asked what happens if I can't find it. He said he can check the cameras, then went inside to do so. I bolted.


bioisme wrote

kind of?

never stopped, but was at walmart. concealed (i thought so) a few lipsticks in my old blind spot in the pet aisle. heard on the intercoms "associate to ..." the dept i was at. moved depts to womens clothing, which was next to the jewerly counter. nobody else was there, heard "associate to jewerly". dumped my shit on camera and left. never had an issue after that