I'm just wondering, but what are your reasons for being an illegalist?

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I know this probably isn't the best question for a place like this, but I'm just curious as to what motivates you (or even forces) you to be an illegalist. Me personally, living in poverty in a town full of rich assholes that discriminate against people with even a felony arrest record (emphasis on arrest, not conviction) has left me with no way to get a fulfilling job. I've searched far and wide, but the only places I've been able to find a job at are places that pay federal minimum wage for back breaking work that have no hope of moving up anywhere in the chain. And at that point, even with knowing someone who gets social security, its not enough to survive even with a job. All kinds of stupidly expensive bills eat away at all the money I earn, and the only way I've been able to feed us is to be an illegalist. Sometimes I just feel like there's no hope in this world, and society forces people to resort to that kind of philosophy, and it creates an inescapable loop of trying to help the people you love, but being ousted from society because you try to help those people

I guess I don't know what the point of this thread is, but I'm just curious as to what yall's life experiences are and how they affect your belief in this kinda thing. (without revealing too much personal info obv).



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meowmarx wrote

-Minimize suffering

-Redistribute stolen products of wage slavery/theft

-Do my part


shrug wrote

Money. I have no problem scamming old rich guys or stealing if it means my family gets to eat.


happymama wrote

How do you scam old rich guys? Do you directly scam them? Or do you mean like the CEOs of big stores that you lift from?


shrug wrote

I directly scam them. The vast majority of them are pedophiles. I look young for my age, and I tell most of them that I'm 14. I take their money and then send screenshots of conversations between us to anyone close to them.


noname wrote

I Am Poor

(Not justifying, just giving my reason)


Sophiaaaa wrote

Money. Which I am selfish, because I have no children and I do have a job but it doesn’t pay enough. And I live in an area where you need a car to get anywhere and I have loans. Not very many mind you but I do.


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

After the HD founder supported Trump I went on an anger spree. Not sure it was worth it if you read my thread.

I only lift what I need or what I can use to benefit people. Most of my items are gardening tools. I lift because I don't have a high income. If I could raise my salary I would buy tools from boutique makers to support the individual.

In the grand scheme of things I don't really feel what I do actually hurts any corporation. I would prefer to engage in sabotage vs lifting a couple hundred dollars from a 150 billion dollar enterprise.


bwqrdsaf wrote

Poor and have no qualm about stealing from the rich like W*M and such.


eous wrote

Like others I need the money, and I am forced to. Soon I will be attending college and I simply wasnt born into a wealthy family. Every fucking day I question where my next meal will be. If hadnt started this I would be fucking starving in the streets. So what if some rich ass mf loses 5 bucks? A man needs to eat. I got bills to pay soon. Im sick of mf out there flexing their fucking Supreme and shit. Ive decided to target the rich and gullible. They havent worked a day in their life. If they think they can get some LV bags for cheap thats their problem.


What_The_Fuck wrote

I didn't have any cash on me and wanted some new nail polish, or a new purse. Or some jewelry or a snack or a shirt.


RedditSentMeHere wrote (edited )

Getting old with no money/savings, and working for employment agencies via zero hour contracts (some weeks I get no work, thus end up not affording the very basics in life).

To top it all, I work back breaking jobs at min wage and my health is getting worse.

So here I am!


happymama wrote

Because my husband is super anal with our money (mostly his because everything he earns goes into an account that he doesn't share with me). And I want nice things but he doesn't want me to spend money hardly ever, or complains when I do so I feel like I don't have much of a choice. Especially when it comes to groceries or clothes that my toddler needs...