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db_cooper wrote

but I've been doing this so long I go lazy and complacent


That's what gets everyone eventually. Every time I have caught a case you could basically chalk it up to that exact same thing. Once they get you in the system for some shit it really doesn't help either, but pretty much any time I have ever been arrested it's because I was actually just straight up slipping all on my own, not on top of my game like I was in the past, yet I was still acting like nothing had changed. I'm committing all kinds of crime and pretending I am being as careful and attentive as always, but if I had taken time to think before acting and truly listened to my gut feelings, I knew I was on some dumb, sloppy, lazy type shit. Almost anybody who has ever spent some time locked up has experienced this phenomena, usually time and time again. Most people set ourselves up for failure, and for those who try to live an outlaw life without getting the complimentary bracelets, I'mma let you know right now it is impossible to be constantly vigilant. Even if you could maintain it for some time, it will wear you down eventually, and then you will be tired, complacent, or careless just like everyone else. It's all about learning to spot where you are at in these cycles so you can know when you need to step back, adjust your thinking, and get yourself back on track.


MerkuryVolkanik wrote

When I got in trouble (not shoplifting), I knew damn well I was being careless. Bit, at the same time, I somehow felt I was "invincible". I know I had different circumstances that probably clouded my judgment quite a bit. Well, I know it did lol.