Post your pre lift songs/soundtracks

Submitted by Sauce2 in Illegalism

Not sure if any of you do this but I have been listening to old town road before lifting since it released and humming the tune while lifting has been a great way to deal with any anxiety that comes up during the process. Really puts me in the right state of mind. Any of you do the same?



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LiftyLoo_FU1349 wrote

Very cliche but, I own The Bling Ring soundtrack lol.


MerkuryVolkanik wrote

I listen to Gettin' to the Money by Gudda Gudda lmao. If you knew me, you'd never guess that's a song I'd listen to lol


LiftyLoo_FU1349 wrote

Most of the music on the Bling soundtrack I'd never listen to but, I do lol. Go figure. I surprise myself even.


Sophiaaaa wrote

Omg I have a playlist called Do You Even Lift and it gets me pummmpeddd


j0hn_d0e wrote

I listen to A$AP Rocky - Praise The Lord (Da Shine) sometimes before lifts.


shrug wrote

Double Tea by Acrylo is my current favorite. Great if you like both rap and that cutesy anime shit.


SavageBurritos wrote

brothers in arms - junkie XL

otherwise known as the mad max theme song lol