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Hey y’all stay safe out there. I just got caught at K0H0Łs. I know it’s a very difficult store. Anyway, I was with my parents and this man approaches us saying I need to come with him and that he was from the store and asks how old I was (I’m 25F, I guess I look young). He then takes me away from my parents and takes me back to the office. They have me on camera looking at makeup. And he asks for everything back and my ID while the fitting room attendant is getting the tags. He then makes me sign a trespassing sheet and give me a sheet and number to call for civil demands. He was nice the whole time and said to relax. I’m freaking out, is this gonna be on my record?! What is going to happen next. I figure I would ask here since I don’t know anyone personally this has happened to.



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6c_6f_76_65 wrote

At this point PD was not involved so you should not have anything on your record.

I would check the local court dockets and see how often Khol's in your area pursue charges. This should give you some idea if they will pursue this further.