I need cash in hand to pay a personal debt

Submitted by DeeboDioso in Illegalism

I'm gonna be in serious trouble if I don't have about half a grand to repay in less than a week. I'm unemployed and I need to make a couple hundred. Normally I do B&E in rich people neighborhoods + carhopping, but I don't have the time to hold stuff before I sell it. Is there any way to get quick cash to save my ass? the only way I can think of is fraud, but I have no idea how to do that shit. please help me out



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6c_6f_76_65 wrote (edited )

Lift from big box stores that you have not returned without a receipt in the last 180 days. Plan on lifting enough items that are worth at least $1,000. Find one of the kiosks that will give you cash for gift cards. You should make well above $500.

You can find the machines here: https://www.cardpool.com/locations

Deselect cashier and then search for kiosks near you. Good luck

A good link you should read through: https://www.giftcards.com/gcgf/coinstar-exchange


Throwdown321 wrote

i assume its your rent that needs to be paid, aside from stealing cash, or someones cc, its pretty difficult to get money in that amount of time.