Need advice about my situation

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Today I was pulled into the office at the retail store I work at and was told they caught me giving discounts to individuals that I know multiple times. I was given the option to pay the amount that I took from the company and got suspended. If I comply and pay this amount off can it turn in something worse and affect my future/record. Thank you for reading



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6c_6f_76_65 wrote

If you are a student I would check with campus legal. It does not hurt to call a couple attorneys and see what they advise.

MHO, I would pay nothing and sign nothing until you have spoken with legal counsel. In some areas acceptance could be seen as an admission of guilt.


celebratedrecluse wrote

I would recommend that you fight this tooth and nail if you have the resources. Contact legal counsel about wrongful termination (labor attorney), make personal records of all correspondence you have had with anyone in your company, make a list of newspapers & other news publications which might be interested in the story.

Most importantly, look for a new job ASAP.


mofongo wrote

Do they have evidence that these people were familiar to you or are they assuming that's the case? If they are assuming, maybe you could fight it off as you providing a good customer service.


Confusedandstressed OP wrote

They apparently have evidence because they said the transactions were flagged in the system 8 times with the same individual / have cameras and know what the individual looks like.


JesusNachosForever wrote

Keep in mind, they are absolutely going to fire you if you pay them back.

When you pay back, you're admitting to the accusations, and no manager in their right mind would keep you on after that. Deny everything, as nothing good ever comes from admitting your crimes.

The only way this affects your future record is if the police get involved and you are arrested, etc. There's no "permanent record" system like your high school teachers went on and on about.


Optimuskrym wrote

File a sexual harassment complaint against whomever is doing the accusing.