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I’m pretty new to all of this, but I’ve gradually lifted more and more and honestly it’s helped me so much. I think I’m pretty good at this and I hope I’m not just being an idiot and don’t even realize haha. Either way I want to thank you guys for how much you’ve taught me and talk about what I’ve been up to.

I started small, like with dollar stores and a grocery store where I used to work and was very familiar with. I would slide shit in my pocket while talking to employees that used to be my coworkers. One or two things, things from the discount shelf, a snack, some make up. I’d shop there and steal nothing other times. I started lifting from other stores and switch between them figuring if I hit up the same places too often it would be obvious.

Then I ended up not being able to afford food for a while. When I was down to rice and a couple cans of veggies I started getting desperate and I went to the grocery store, grabbed a sandwich, parfait, a drink and a snack and just...walked around for a bit like I was still looking before walking out the door. Did that a few times and never got caught or even looked at. No one noticed it seems. I stole some clothing I’m changing rooms where they didn’t count the number of clothes I had.

The food thing didn’t get better and I’ve been barely evading homelessness for a while. I got really sick. I started stealing medicine and vitamins. Like $50 worth, that shit is expensive.

Then I had a mental health crisis which isn’t anything new, but this time I just panicked and was like I gotta go. I gotta get out of here, like a fight or flight thing I guess. I’d been wanting to go camping for ages, but ironically could never afford the gear I would need. But that day I looked up a primitive campsite and I gathered up all my change for gas and drove four hours into the middle of no where. On the way I made my biggest haul ever, out of my own state. I stole over $200 worth of camping gear from W@lmart: sleeping bag, camping food, water, protein bars, camping stove and fuel, cookware set, toilet paper...and a lot more. I was so proud of myself. I talked to an employee asking them to check the price on something. I filled up the reusable bags in my cart. Totally full.

Some of you have told me that reusable bags are a bad idea. I’m not sure why because this saved my ass. This was a giant ass super center location, and I wasn’t prepared for the amount of employees there were by the doors. I was scared, but determined. I was walking out without this stuff no matter what. I found the right empty checkout lane and passed through it, and walked towards the exit. Right by the door there was a guy with a scanner ready to check receipts. I saw him looked at my cart and pause, seeing the items were bagged. He seemed like he was going to asked me for my receipt, so I smiled at him and thanked him, since that’s what I’d normally do. And he backed off immediately and told me to have a nice night. Holy shit. I’m a chicken shit guys, I was terrified lmao I still can’t believe I did it and acted so natural the whole time. So proud of myself honestly.

I had a great camping trip and I can’t wait to go again. It was exactly what my brain needed right then. For me doing that was really brave (did I mention I’d never been camping before, let alone on my own at a primitive site with no electricity, water, or toilet?).

Point is...lifting has saved my ass so many life is so much better....I’ve never been stopped. I’ve never had anyone eye me suspiciously. I’ve spent my whole life trying to please people and not be a bother and not show my shitty emotions when it’s inconvenient. Guess all that practice has made me a good actor! I am nervous that maybe they’re just watching me and waiting to strike. But I’m continuing to learn, leaving a lot of time in between hits at the same location, and trying not to do too much or be too suspicious. I guess that’s all I have to say. Just wanted to thank you for the help and share how this process has been for me. Good luck out there.



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k2d2 wrote

Good for you. I’m paranoid af about walkouts but I’m really glad that you’re finding some self care here. 💕


LiftyLoo_FU1349 wrote

Wow. Honey, you sound like my doppelganger. This post made me happy. 💙 Be safe.