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tfw a buyer on eBay wants a refund for a product you lifted from Ulta because they "think it's fake". Bitch, go test this against the product in stores, it's the saaaaame.

I don't know how to fight this or like, prove that it's not lol. I can't really say "okay well I stole it from Ulta, so it's not fake"



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No, some lame skin serum from a high end brand. It doesn't have very good reviews, but maybe she should have done some research before trying to cheap out and buy from lifters on eBay. I told her to take it to her nearest Ulta or Sephora and compare it to the products they have in stock because it's literally the same.


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Could be a buyer fishing for partial refund so the item would be a bit cheaper. It's like trying to haggle the final price after the deal ended.

If he said "send me $xx" and it's less than the total listing price but not 100%, he or she is probably trying to scam you. Always tell buyer to open return and send it back for refund. Scammer might not bother with return if they can't get partial refund while keeping the item.

Reddit r/eBay is full of "buyer claims item is fake, help" messages, I'd suggest reading there a bit to get an idea of how to deal with it. In the end, eBay will require you to issue refund when the buyer ships it back, doesn't matter why the buyer wants to return it.