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j0hn_d0e wrote

Their LP is regional and they employ 3rd party security at high shrink stores. Security might be armed, but they are more of a deterrent and might not do anything. They have a no touch policy, but they will most likely call the cops. Managers might block the exit if they notice you shoplifting. There are good blindspots and the camera quality varies from blurry to HD depending on the store. This applies to the stores in my area, so research the stores in your area to see how they compare.


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1314 wrote

Would come down to the person likely, but as long as you didn't break anything they couldn't get you for anything major anyway


j0hn_d0e wrote

Once you leave the store with merch they might call the cops if they notice you. If you lift from the same store too often the manager might recognize you. If you drop the merch and run you should be fine, just don't go back for a while.


EcoleDuCiel wrote (edited )

They seem to be lax where I am. I lifted medicine from one recently, I got multiples of the same brand and only one of them had a security tag on it, fairly obvious too. I did what I usually do and entered the store with a CVS plastic bag hidden underneath my shirt. Selected the medicine I needed and found a blind spot to quickly take the plastic CVS bag out from under my shirt and put the medicine inside. Then casually walk out with the bag in your hand. Theres almost always a clear path to the door that doesn't involve you walking through the checkout area. I've always taken that path. Its immediately to the left or right of the doors, basically opposite side of the checkout area. All this should be done in 5 minutes or less IMO. I do the same with Walgreens. It helps if theres customers at the register. If there isn't, however, you just have to be confident and steel yourself and simply walk out. Fiddle on your phone as you walk up to exit the store. Send some texts, just be cool. Now stores in high shrink areas, that use certain measures such as one way entrances and exits give me a bad feeling so I don't usually lift from them.

These kinds of drug stores are so plentiful that its not necessary to hit up the same one multiple times, IMO. So you can feel confident that you don't need to be going back any time soon, theres always another one. Just stagger them with a comfortable amount of time between I like doing at least 2 weeks, or if I'm in a new area I don't normally go to, I'll do a spree that day and hit up every one until I've driven far enough and am ready to head back home. Then ignore that area for at least a month. Good places for small hauls of home basics you might need or trading cards if you're into that.