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sexyinaweaselkindofway wrote

I did got something there once, long long looong time ago. All I did was browsed around here and there until I found a blink-and-miss blindspot, where I concealed and got out of there.


j0hn_d0e wrote

My first tip is don't go to kh0ls, their LP is good and they will follow you outside even if they don't see you conceal. If you insist on going to kh0ls park far away, only lift when they are busy, and don't go straight to the section you want to lift from. If they count the clothes you bring into the fitting room or if the fitting room is not messy, don't lift because LP is probably actively watching. If they don't count clothes, bring 2 pairs and or decoy items that you can leave in the room in case they check. I got caught trying to take some Adidas gear and they told me I was the 3rd person that day who tried to take it. I haven't stepped into a kh0ls since then. They might have changed but adidas used to rarely be tagged and nike was always tagged. Acting like I'm actually shopping (looking at different sizes in the mirror, comparing price tags, etc) with a shopping cart worked for me numerous times.


Satanicslave666 wrote

I hit them about every 6 weeks in my town. Last week, I concealed 4 pairs of shorts, converse and b@b shoes, makeup pallet, brushes and a purse. The shoes have sensors on them but a heavy duty magnet will take it off. I put it all in my purse, left the packages in dressing room and walked out


Plebeian wrote

How experienced of a lifter are you?

Khols is heavily monitored and usually have plain clothes detectives. I would go to an outlet mall before I hit Khols.