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I think we can all agree movie ticket prices are way overpriced as well as popcorn and drinks. Screw that! What I did last week is enter the theater at a busy time and immediately head for the bathroom which is close by. Even if they see me they think I am taking a piss. After a few minutes I came out without wearing my hat (I entered with hat) and just went for the nearest movie auditorium and they didn't even notice. Watched Pokemon and Endgame for free! Lol good seats too.



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sexyinaweaselkindofway wrote

Good job! I tend to do the usual method. Park far away, see a cheap early show during an off day, then stick around that area to watch another movie or two, then sneak out a back entrance. No one cares here as long as you pay for a single movie haha.


NeverThereToBuy wrote

The cinema I go to is pretty easy. No one is there to check tickets, you can just go where ever you want.


Wetbandit wrote

I haven’t done this in my area but I’m definitely trying this week.


mrlifter wrote

my movie theaters are different. you buy tickets outside and then you walk in and there is a ticket checker. also security guards checking people as well. i have no idea how to evade this as well


Anti_christ123 wrote

Where a high-vis vest, sunglasses and bring a clip board. Saw ppl on r/actlikeyoubelong do it, they even got into disneyland for free like this