This week's haul

Submitted by happymama in Illegalism

This past week I've gotten makeup, skincare, and hair products from Macy's and Ulta. Workout clothes from Nordstrom Rack and Dick's Sporting Goods, and clothes and shoes for my toddler from Carter's. And a dress and few tops from a boutique. Oh and plenty of groceries from Sprouts and Trader Joe's!! What have you gotten this past week?! :)



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TitanofThieves wrote

All my groceries and vitamins for the next month from Whole Foods and Sprouts. Also got some new business casual clothing for work at Banana Republic and J-Crew. Last but not least some 400+ rounds of ammunition. I'm always lifting though. Simply because I need to in order to keep up with my weekly visits to the range.


Zelixey wrote

Lots of Airpods 2's and DDR4 Memory.


happymama OP wrote

Dang bro!! How many airpods and how'd you lift them??


Squeeze wrote

Where u getting airpods i lifted the box on the shelf from apple didnt even realize it was a display box


LiftyLoo_FU1349 wrote

Sounds awesome, but I hope that boutique wasn't a Mom and Pop-type of store you lifted from...


happymama OP wrote

Nope, not at all. Once upon a time I started my own business so I could run a boutique. It wasn't successful but it gave me lots of insight into how others are run AND I saw wholesale prices for everything. So I know that this place I lifted from marks up their clothes ridiculously high and I don't even feel bad about it because they shouldn't be charging as much as they do....


LiftedAndGifted wrote

Nest thermostat generation 3, galaxy tab a 10.1, jbl extreme 2 bt speaker, epson 2100 1080p 3d projector, arlo wire free 3 pack security camera kit, actiontec my wireless tv2 kit, apple 4k tv kit, apple stylus, jabra elite active 65t earbuds.


k2d2 wrote

Some needed groceries and toddler stuff! A few toiletries for the house like body wash and toothpaste. Some candles for gifts and a book. Honestly with my husband out of work, necessities are crucial rn for me.