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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

Get your reactionary ass out of here.


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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

We're here to steal from the capitalists, not just to make our lives a little easier, or so that we can join them in exploiting our fellow human beings. That's a despicable thing to want.

The capitalist class upholds and enforces, with boundless violence, the system that oppresses and exploits us, that beats down our brothers and sisters of color, that destroys millions of lives around the world every day, and that make it so that we cannot survive without participating in their wage slavery system. Getting out of the oppression of that system is the goal, not jumping up the ladder in order to oppress the people who were next to you earlier. And shoplifting can be a good tool in escaping that system - to provide for our families and friends - and to take away some of the profits of our class enemies.

Now that I've refuted your points, get the fuck out.