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Torskion wrote

Aren't all receipts given a tracking number? I would assume that you couldn't use the same one twice


fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit wrote

You can not do this unless you have access to Walmart's database and the log server to edit the log that you edited the database...

The answer is no.


JesusNachosForever wrote

If you can get a roll of the paper, you're golden.

An used Epson TM88IV or Samsung SRP350 printer (w/ usb card) is cheap as hell. Just get your photoshop skills up to snuff, and have at it.


cakeater7 wrote

I did this a couple of times using Walmart Pay on my Android phone. After u buy something go install a PDF editor. Take a screenshot of the WM Pay receipt and start editing from the pictures of the items all the way to the prices. Go back in the store pick your items that was edited. Show them ur Walmart receipt on your phone if they ask. Just make sure u don't run into the checker that have the handheld scanner because they will scan it from ur phone and know u didn't paid for said item. I've done this twice about 3 months ago and forgot to post this useful tactics because I don't really care for lifting at Walmart anymore.


bwqrdsaf wrote

If you have access to phone with slightly busted screen that has corrupted screen right where the bar code would be, scanning would be hard. Might work, they might refuse and tell you to get a new phone first.


illneverquit OP wrote

thanks for the advice, i was also thinking for more down the lines of price tag switching, just purchase and or take photos of a whole bunch of random barcodes. (they will most def, need a pretty legit focus on you're camera for the barcode pic.)not to cheap for whatever item you are trying to get, and even in that same department, same brand, etc.thats pretty much what i do now, but only in store. it just takes to long and then i feel sketch. but if i had the ability to pull this one off. it would just make things a lot easier. to have a stick-able barcode, and just place it right over the other and either go through self check out, and or scan the cashiers and figure out which one doesn't really give a fuck, and you should be golden. but of course thats only if you do it everything correctly.


DamnScalper wrote

You'd need the same paper, with the store logo on the rear, etc. Then you need a printer that can pull it off. So yeah, it could be done!


db_cooper wrote

It's very easy to steal receipt paper from Wal-Mart. I have a roll sitting next to me right now. I also have a Epson TM-H6000II which is nearly identical to the Epson TM-T88V that AFAIK Wal-Mart uses. Printing entirely fake receipts is easy, and cost me only ~$70 for the printer. Scanning receipts and editing them would be just as easy. I would be more likely to target somewhere like Lowes or Costco though, since Wal-Mart in my area has too many receipt checkers with handheld scanners.