Beats Solo 3 Wireless Broke

Submitted by Crusty in Illegalism

I have three pairs of broken Beats Solo 3 Wireless that are broken. They all work fine with the cord, but won't charge/one side is broken, etc. One is well used, but two of them are in like new condition. I was wondering if I could buy a new set of headphones and return the other ones when they stop working? I know the beats have serials numbers but do they check to make sure everything matches, and I also have the old box that came with the broken ones as well. What do I do?



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fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit wrote

Walmart is your friend. I have returned a good bit there. It is always luck of the draw. What I have found to be consistently true is never return when the person is an immigrant. I 100% find that they follow the job rules to a tee.

You can also disassemble them via ifixit instructions. I just found it easier to drive to 2-3 Walmarts until one of them just took it back.


Brockhampton9830 wrote

The immigrant part is true, they are desperately looking for job stability and security in their position, so they try to not make mistakes by following their handbook.


Crusty OP wrote

thanks ill do that, should I buy and switch or just return without receipt to the store I didn't. get it from