A Final Goodbye from Thief

Submitted by thief_alt in Illegalism


2 days ago on the 6th, I posted my letter of resignation and retirement from my lifting career. This post is simply to give one last impression before I sign off permanently.

To start, I would just like to give a massive 'thanks' to everyone who gave me a final goodbye or well wishes either in a comment on the post or via messaging. It really does make me feel better knowing that everyone here is respecting my decision to resign, and chose to bid me farewell and good luck in the future. Reading all the comments I got really did make my day. It makes me feel special knowing that all the guides and effort I've put into this community has truly made an impact and has helped others tremendously.

As much as I would like to say I will not forget everyone here, it is vital for me to let go of my negative past. But the comments I received really did boost my self confidence by an exponential amount, and that will stick with me for a while.

After this post goes up, I will be resetting my password to something I will forget, logging off for the last time for forever, and from this point forward, moving on to pursue a more positive aspect of life.

If there is one message I would like to leave before I sign off for good, it would be I hope everyone here can get to a point in their lives where lifting will no longer be necessary.

Well, I best be going now. Thank you for the support, the understanding, and most importantly the memories.

Bye now.

Your friend,




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Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

Thanks for everything. Lifting is an expression of my politics, not just something I do to get by. The only time when lifting will no longer fit that is when capitalism is destroyed and then there will be no need to steal at all.


Liftitbro wrote

Wow that message poignantly resonates with me. You put it so succinctly. I’m 100% with you on this.


J9537 wrote

Also thank you for your guides. I remember using them and literally studied them to first begin lifting. Not gonna lie, I’ve saved perhaps a thousand or two, just on clothes alone. And I owe it all to you. Again, best of luck.


db_cooper wrote

Nothing wrong with moving on if it no longer makes sense for you. Definitely better to get out now cleanly, because most people never get that luxury. You contributed a lot towards making this community more knowledgeable, more focused, and yet more welcoming. Thank you for your honorable service. o7


J9537 wrote

😢💖. Best of luck and I hope you succeed in great things in life.