Camera Spacing and Placement

Submitted by Brockhampton9830 in Illegalism

I've been wondering the range of those cameras with the small dome hanging from a pole (walmart). I visited the Crafts area and saw a camera 3 aisles to the left of where I was concealing supplies down my pants. Can the camera really see me if I can't see it? This was in a ghetto area, I made it free by going to those stank bathrooms to break the constant surveillance for apprehension.



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fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit wrote

You will never know. I have seen cameras that can zoom in across the store and tell you what kind of playing card is in your hand.

Take a look at the review for this phone and be amazed at it's 50x zoom. Then think... this is a damn phone.. imagine how good a dedicated piece of camera equipment can be that a store does not mind spending 3-4k on per camera.,news-29779.html