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Submitted by eous in Illegalism

May we all take a moment to say goodbye to our mod u/thief? He/She has made amazing contributions to this forum that has helped guide us all. We should all eventually be like thief. Thief has reached the point of not needing to lift. Everyone of us will eventually stop, its better if we finish our careers on our own terms. Can we create a sort of "Hall Of Fame" to commemorate members who have made an impact on all of us.



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db_cooper wrote (edited )

Let's not forget @ActionSaxon24 . I think we can basically consider him a fallen hero as well at this point, unless he updates us. I wouldn't be suprised if he was doxed or otherwise targeted because he gave out wayyyy too much personal information considering what a compromising position he was in. He still was a hero though, o7


eous OP wrote

He was great I haven't heard from him in a while. If my memory serves me right he and his wife used to work at a Michaels, and he gave us a warning about the Cricut machines. Mods please make this a thing.


db_cooper wrote

Unfortunately he wasn't formerly employed by Michaels, but I'm pretty sure that is likely the case now. He had said his wife was a store manager (or maybe a VP? I can't remember exactly.) and that he had been a manager, but now was employed in a unique tech role within the company, and working at their headquarters in Dallas as well. That is just way too much info to give out about yourself, especially when you are leaking corporate memos and shit to a bunch of shoplifters. I really appreciated his help but it seems like he basically fucked himself.

I agree this would be a great wiki page/link on the shoplifting master list.