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eous wrote

Have you ever broke in through windows or glass doors? How loud is it?


fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit OP wrote

Yes to both. A word of advice, do not use a blunt object. Glass will shatter much easier if you use a pointed item with weight behind it. I took a sledge hammer head to a friend who waterjet cut a point on it. And go with a fiberglass handle over wood.

A lot depends on the type of glass and the thickness. I would say it is loud enough you would hear it from 1000-2000 feet away easily.


eous wrote

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Rogue wrote

Always use, at minimum, tape or ideally self adhesive laminate film like the type used to cover books. It won’t dampen the thuds to break the glass but will prevent shards of glass flying and causing injury and minimize the sound of glass shattering and falling to the ground.


eous wrote

What if the glass is tempered? Shouldn’t I just use a center punch?


Rogue wrote

Something like this or this should be sufficient.

Tempered glass is a bitch with the cracks slowly spreading and making audible popping/breaking noises. Regardless, for your own safety, I’d still recommend at least taping the glass to account for most of the shards (stuck to the adhesive) and is unaffected by wind direction which can cause shit to fly in an unwanted direction.

Typically, tempered glass can be identified by a manufacturer’s mark in each corner, though the buyer can opt for none.