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mrlifter wrote

need to know if i can rack a paint can again. if you have kept up with my posts you will know that about a month or two ago i took a can of spray paint from hobby lobby. should i go again and risk getting caught or rack supplies at michaels? my HL has sugar cans but they are right in front of a mini black dome. OR i can get krylon right by a camera that probably doesnt work and there is a huge black dome above the krylon. what should i do?


fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit OP wrote (edited )

Feel free to PM very generic location information...

I would feel safe lifting another can from HL. However, my preference would be to grab Krylon from one of the big box stores.

Obviously, check your state laws. The majority of states require that LP have video or visual proof that you concealed the merchandise. HL will have you on camera, for the sugar cans, for the selection step but it is very easy to conceal in an isle that has no camera placement.

One other piece of advice. If you are going to lift go all in. Take as much as you can safely take at one time. Frequency of lifting only increases the percentage chance that something goes wrong.


mrlifter wrote

i would try to get something from big box stores like wal-mart but its really far, like 10+ miles away and i do not like to bike that far. i have a fred meyers near me and their LP is disgusting.

i have never said this on the website but now i will. once a woman and a cashier were talking and i LP overheard them making small talk. the woman brought up shoplifting and LP instantly walked towards her and demanded to search her bag. the cashier cleared everything up as the woman was discussing about it at another store. LP still searched her and let her go. i dont want to risk that for a few krylons.

my michaels is has locked up their ironlak and stuff. dont know how to lockpick either.

ill test my luck and go to hobby lobby when i have the time


fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit OP wrote

Here are the pictures from my HL. The third picture I may have to recant what I said. The object in the upper right is a smoke alarm but I know that is a known device to hide a small camera in. I will have to do some research and see if there is any way I use infrared to find a camera.. I will update this post if I can find anything and go back and take a second picture. I think we need to start a thread on how to find hidden cameras.

And have to apologize for these pictures as well... I edited them on the phone, previewed them on my machine but coinsh still rotated them... Will need to figure this out..


fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit OP wrote

I went to a local HL that is in a high shrink area. They did not have any cameras by the paints. They only had Krylon branded paint and it was not locked up.

I visited Michaels and the paints there also were not locked up.

The Joann's were in a locked case.

The two Walmarts in this area had a large selection and nothing locked up.