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What's up people. Wondering what the procedure is for LP/managers at store where facial recognition is deployed for actually banning shoplifters. A while ago I lifted a pack of razors and LP caught me (lol), I was stopped at the front of the store and handed the razors back. LP officer said "turn around, see that camera? Facial recognition" and let me go. He said that if I were to return he'd call the police. I didn't go to any back room, they have no information on my except possibly my face, and I'm not even sure if they actually use FR or if it was a bluff. Do you know of any supermarkets (in Australia?) that deploy facial recognition? I know that in New Zealand they absolutely do. Secondly, would LP go to the trouble of uploading somebody's biometric profile for something as simple as a pack of razors that they ultimately let them go for at the front of the store? This was a couple months ago.



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db_cooper wrote (edited )

I know that in New Zealand they absolutely do

Why would you not assume they probably do in Australia as well then? I'm in the USA. If they are using facial identification in Canada, I would logically assume if they aren't already using it at similar stores here, at least ones with similar demographics/shrink levels/LP budget, etc, then they will most likely be implementing it soon enough. Why not just show up at a different location of that chain, and see if the LPs start watching you? I have no idea why you are so concerned. If you were going to face any legal or civil action, it probably would have already arrived at your doorstep. If they didn't tell you that you are banned from every store under that brand, then just don't return to the location you got caught at. This really isn't hard, and you can stop making the same thread over and over. If somebody had some info for you, they likely would have replied to the last one.