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If a 25 year old guy walked into a supermarket wearing business attire, went straight for the $0.85c Mentos/mints section in the confectionery aisle, grabbed two sticks of Mentos and walked into another aisle to pocket them, would anyone notice? Do LP ever watch people who grab small things like that? How many times could I do this before numbers would start working against me and I'd likely be caught (not including staff noticing shrinkage)?



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scotch_eggs wrote

Check out the beginner's guide.

Not because it has any special tactics for mentos theft, but to calm your nerves. Supermarkets are usually pretty easy, although Walmart can be tricky and Target shouldn't be attempted by a first timer. Check out the Master List on the sidebar to see if the store you plan on going to is listed so you can find some tips.

You probably won't even need to go to a different aisle, so long as the candy aisle either has no cameras or only has one camera you're able to turn away from so the act of slipping candy into your pocket is obscured. Make sure there's no one in the aisle with you and you're golden.

Consider wearing something more casual than business attire, though. That might work against you, since most people don't go to the supermarket in fancy clothes.