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Hey guys, just looking for advice as a somewhat beginner regarding Target specifically. I’ve done walkouts/pushouts with carts of groceries before, but want to do Target in a bigger scale because of serious financial hardship and potential homelessness. I’d be stealing camping cookware, a sleeping bag, shampoo, some food, a shirt, pants, protein bars, vitamins, hand warmers...and some nail polish, headphones with a mic if they have them and they’re not too expensive or tagged heavily, but I probably won’t bother with those.

Problem is, the only Target anywhere near me is right in town and I don’t think it’s a good idea to lift where I live, especially since I live down the street from a police station. But Target seems like a good one time option for a walkout since I’ve never stolen from there before even though I go there all the time, and they have those shelves of cheap things right by the doors so it’d be easy to act like I’m going to pay, and then get distracted by the deals on these shelves which happens to me a lot anyway lol head that way, look a while, then just turn and walk out with my carriage of stuff.

Thoughts? I was gonna bring a couple bags and put food in those, and a Target receipt with me if I can find one. I’m a girl, 26, pretty normal looking, nice clothes. Good with people, smart, the kind of person that wins any game that relies on manipulation or a poker face (like werewolf or bullshit haha). But I have PTSD and have never been caught and I’m terrified of being caught.

Advice? On a scale of one to ten, ten being the stupidest, how stupid would it be to do this? Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone giving me advice! Didn’t realize Target’s security was that good because, well, when I lived elsewhere I lifted from Target constantly cause it was the easiest since their fitting rooms are unguarded usually, I was never trailed or questioned, and their blind spots were copious. Maybe that was just the area I lived in then. This area I live in now is...not nice lol probably higher shrink. Anyway.

Now I’m thinking Walmart is a better bet. The only thing is they’re harder to inconspicuously walk from with the way it’s set up. Also, I thought the reusable bag thing was a good idea but you guys seem to think that’s a shitty idea which is a shame cause again not really sure how else to do this. Having a bunch of unbagged stuffed is gonna look as bad as having reusable bags....sooo....I dunno. That’s the only way I’d get out of there with something as big as a sleeping bag, and they’re surprisingly expensive. I have to reanalyze, but thanks for helping me not get arrested cause right now my squeaky clean record is the only thing I have going for me.



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redsphinxx wrote

Not smart, Target prosecutes and builds a case. Especially if you steal a lot. People always warned me about it, I would only conceal where theres no camera and walk out or buy bananas. Self checkout if its busy is easy for food.

Go to Walmart.


pickles wrote

I personally wouldn’t do it. Target is way too risky and heavy on LP. Especially if you go there regularly and live close. Do you have any other options like a Wal-Mart?


cakeater7 wrote

If u never lift from Target before then you're good to go on this push out. I like ur plan but I wouldn't use the bags. Bagging ur items will only add time to ur heist. U want to be swift on this one. Instead get the biggest storage bin in the store and start piling everything in there. Go to that last shelf you mentioned near the exit, browse a bit then close the lid and go. They won't expect a thing bc u never lift there before. Their AP team coordinate all their stops. And since you never gave yourself away by trying to conceal or bagging, they won't have time to organize for u. Just remember to act normal and use a stealth plate on ur car. Park close and toss that whole bin in the trunk and be gone.


zx1300 wrote

What is a stealth plate and where do you get one?


cakeater7 wrote

It essentially just fake plates. The one I have has magnets on each corner so it's just snap on and off over ur real one. eBay has them.


Boonanas wrote

Target spends way too much money on LP for this to be a good idea. Please don't


thunderclap wrote

I worked for a Target for 4 yrs before I left. You wouldnt make out with that much. I suggest strongly you not do it at all. They have not only the people at the door but in plain clothes people that just wander around. if you need that kind of gear go to a REI or somewhere else that has one person and run. Target will get in jail


Booster_Bitch103 wrote

This could be done. Id try the walmart option first but if you're set on target than do it flawlessly. I really like the idea of putting everything in a bin so its just one dump in the car and go. Please remember to mask your license plate if you dont have a false. And have it done before you even enter the parking lot , you don't wanna get caught up with getting away but they check the cameras and get you before you even enter the store. And also park facing out so your jus ready to get the hell outta there. Good luck girl. Times will get better for ya!


Infinitedesperation OP wrote (edited )

Thanks so much, that’s really sweet. Wondering if it’d be okay to do this without false plates and instead just park at the back of the lot. Some people seem to say park way up front and use a false plate but others say parking far away at a Walmart is fine. If you or anyone else has thoughts on this I’d love to hear it. Thanks.


TheStickyBandit wrote

You don’t need false plates, really. That’s just adding a possible felony to an otherwise misdemeanor, depending on how you acquired them. I just got one of those ridiculous plates from Walmart that has rhinestones and my car emblem on it. They’re vanity plates and they’re quite common. To LP, I’m just one of those car club girls who drinks monster energy drinks and is probably named “Tiffany”. Front plates aren't necessary , and won’t draw attention. However, before I leave my house, I put a random dealership plate that I found, on the front of my car. I put my bedazzled plea for fictional male attention on the back, and I place my real plate in clear view in my back window. I tape fishing line to the back window plate (my real one) and right as I’m about to enter private property (the parking lot , or a back road if it’s clear), I yank that bitch out of sight. This has always worked for me because #1. While I’m on my way, it’s quick and I’m not fumbling or creating a scene by messing with my plates on public roads. Which is common with a fake paper plate, stolen plate or no plate . Unscrewing plates is a HUGE attention grabber. #2. My car isn’t drawing attention while I’m in the store. You technically don’t have to have plates on private property , and to a Normal person , you’re just that girl who is probably trying on flat-bills and wife-beaters. 😹 Another piece of advice, get iPhone headphones and don’t take them off during your exit..., you can pretend to be listening to music or hold a fake phone call . If the alarm goes off, keep strolling, sister! Cool as a cucumber! I wish you the best and wanted to share that homelessness is what made me into the resourceful woman that I am today. You got this!


Infinitedesperation OP wrote

Thanks so much, that’s brilliant! I’ll definitely look into it. Admittedly I’m kinda afraid if I do the headphone thing they’ll see it necessary to grab me to get my attention, but I’ll think about it, smart. I know they’re not allowed to but people be crazy. Don’t think they would. The fishing line and fake plate thing is I’m stoked about it. Thanks!


Drshoplifter wrote

id say there's about a 1 in 10 chance you'll get caught. i wouldn't do it man


SpecificAnimal wrote

I assume you live in America, wherein that would probably be a bad idea. Where I live (Australia) Target has the most relaxed LP ever, and walkouts are suuuuper easy.


Anonshopping wrote

I've never lifted from Target, never will. Too big of a risk for me to take. I would say don't do it.


fuck_me_for_giving_a_shit wrote

A one time lift... This can work.

The hardest part of your plan will be in the execution. You will have to master your emotions for that 10-15 minutes you are in the store. I would visit the store several times and have a damn strong map of where you are going. You will want to walk with purpose but not be rushed and don't appear too random. Again, your emotions could give you away.

I would start now. Practice breathing in and pushing all the air out until it starts to hurt a little. Video yourself in the mirror. When you get to the point that you can do this without your body contorting you should be ready. Don't continue breathing out until you feel light headed. That is pushing the exhale too far. Practice this several times an hour over the next day or two. If you are religious about your practice you can have this down solid in under three days.

After you have visited and you have your map down; start mentally replaying what you are going to do. In your mind you walk in, you get a buggy, you may say hi or just start looking at an item. You then walk to your first item, look at it, evaluate it, put it in the basket. You may stop to look at an item you do not intend to lift, look at the price, put it back. Maybe you take an item to one of the in-store price checkers. But you go through the entire shopping trip in your mind. This mental practice will help you ace the physical test.

After you are out head straight to your car and do not look back. Most important, continue to keep breath at a steady pace. Pack up your car, drive carefully and enjoy your sweet sweet success.

Good luck and Happy Lifting.