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Hey guys, I have a pressing concern. Today I went for a wander and hit 5-6 different stores (2 major supermarkets). Not heavy lifts, I took a pack of razors from each store and kept them in a bag. In hindsight, I was pretty amateurish. Gave the bag to the clerk at the service desk each time and asked them to "hold onto it" for me as I "didn't get a receipt" from the other store. Well, I hit 4 or 5 stores and got pulled up by LP on the last one. I'm not sure if it's because they have my visual identity on file and got me because of facial recognition or if it's because my behavior was suspect and I just stood out as a lifter. This was in a pretty mid ranged suburb, it was very, very busy and thinking back, my in-store pattern was a bit random. When I got pulled up, LP guy said "you ready to pay for that set of razors you have concealed in your jumper?", I just played it really cool and said alright mate, here ya go. Gave back the razors, and he simply said "mate do me a favor and turn around" pointed to a camera on the roof, "see that camera? facial recognition. If you come back in here I'll call PD immediately".

Given that I've never been to that particular store, is there any chance their systems alerted them when I walked in the door?

Do individual stores share data acquired by means of facial recognition with other stores? Am I going to have LP follow me if I walk into another store from the same chain?

How accurate is facial recognition?

Nothing was actually signed, I didn't go to any room, they didn't get any ID, didn't get my name, nothing. I just gave back the razors and the guy let me go at the front. What does the process of storing somebody's visual identity involve? Was he bluffing?

I also didn't sense anybody following me, the aisle was empty when I concealed the razors. Not sure what made me stand out honestly. There were other people in the health and beauty section when I took the razors off the shelf, do LP just sit upstairs watching the cameras for every single person that takes a certain item of the shelf and then follow them?



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db_cooper wrote

He's probably just saying that they are adding your facial biometric data to their own internal database (possibly shared with totally different companies, almost certainly shared between their own stores)

""see that camera? facial recognition. If you come back in here I'll call PD immediately" He is telling you that if you come back, you'll be considered to be trespassing, and they will be able to know it's you because the facial id tech. I don't think he is saying that facial ID lead to your actual apprehension, probably just him watching the CCTV.


Aussielad OP wrote

Trespassing at all of the chain's stores or just the one I attempted to lift at? He never specifically said anything about other stores, he just said "come back in here and I'll call the police"


db_cooper wrote (edited )

Here in America it usually applies to the entire chain in almost all cases.

Of course you are by far most likely to actually be stopped on those grounds at the specific location you got caught at though. I have 3 bans from nearby chain stores and I visit all of them on occasion, just very carefully. It's typically best to give it some time to cool down.


EzDoesIt wrote

He's full of shit, said that to deter you from future theft.

No grocery store chains are willing to invest the money it takes for FR. A few larger dept stores here in the states tried it out for a short period of time and decided against it because of costs


db_cooper wrote

That's not entirely true. I know for a fact that some of the upscale grocery stores around here are using facial recognition, because I know people who are clearly flagged for additional surveillance upon entering these locations. Just none of them are talking about it publicly because they don't want to face any backlash. Also retailers are starting to use mobile devices for IDing shoppers. Only a matter of time before they are applying that intel to ID shoplifters as well (device IDs, IMEIs, MAC addresses, etc).